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More than just sourcing, Texworld New York City is a forum for the industry to learn and stay up-to-date on the latest innovation in textile and state of the trade industry.

Looking to connect to the Summer 2021 Sourcing Showroom exhibitors? Want to check out the seminars? Log on here. 

Fabrics of the Season

Curated by New York-based trend agency, The Doneger Group, the Texworld Showcase features the latest trends for Autumn/Winter 2022 - 23


Educational Program

Texworld New York City aims to offer visitors ample educational opportunities on and off the show floor. Topics are specifically tailored to the global textile and sourcing landscape, upcoming trends, business development, and more.

Tuesday, July 20

Mr. Konstantin von Vieregge, President, Messe Frankfurt
Mr. Xu Yingxin, Vice President, CNTAC and Chairman, CCPIT-TEX

Join us as we open the 2021 Summer Edition of Texworld New York City, Apparel New York City, and Home Textiles Sourcing.

Lenzing Seminar Series

Moderator: Karla Magruder, Founder & President, Accelerating Circularity

Steven Bethell, President and Partner, Bank & Vogue
Tricia Carey, Global Director Business Development, Apparel, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
Alice Hartley, Director, Product Sustainability, Gap Inc. 

The textile industry is on the march to circularity.  A wide variety of companies, along with our supply chain partners, are working on new processes, systems and technologies to enable the circular transformation. Accelerating Circularity, a collaborative group of companies, has spent the past year researching, mapping and identifying the links needed to bring these circular systems to life, and we are sharing this knowledge openly across the industry.  Join us as we share the top 3 learnings from our research and partner's experience to develop new maps of functioning, scalable circular textile systems.

Textile Talk

Moderator: Edward Hertzman - Executive Vice President Fairchild Media; Founder & President Sourcing Journal, Fairchild Media and Sourcing

Jason Judd, Executive Director, Cornell University New Conversations Project
Lucy Brill, Director, Homeworkers Worldwide
Matthijs Crietee, Secretary General, International Apparel Federation

Over the last 10 years, working conditions all along the supply chain have been under increased scrutiny. Fair wages, labor rights and unsafe conditions have been largely discussed in media and board rooms alike, even more so following the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh eight long years ago. Despite all this, on the ground, little has changed for the better. Experts discuss the disconnect between policy and action and what steps need to be taken for actionable improvements.

Moderator: Christine Daal, CEO of Fashion Angel Warrior

Instagram Live Takeover on the Show Floor: Christine Daal, CEO of Fashion Angel Warrior will be live from the Texworld and Apparel Sourcing NYC show floor giving you first-hand insight about this new hybrid event. 

Moderator: Melissa Shea, CEO, Fashion Mingle

Texworld attendees are invited to join Fashion Mingle for an hour of virtual networking. We will introduce you to fashion industry experts who will answer your questions on topics related to sustainable production, digital marketing, and growing a successful fashion business. Attendees will be invited to introduce themselves, tell us about your business, and ask our panel a question.

Wednesday, July 21

Lenzing Seminar Series

Moderator: John Mowbray - Founder and Director, MCL News & Media (Ecotextile News)

Krishna Bala Manda, Senior Manager, Sustainability Integration, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
Kevin Hill, Chief Technical Advisor, One Tree Planted
Julia Kozlik, Marketing Officer, PEFC International

Please update the description to: Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and it is happening even more quickly than we feared. Billions of tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere every year. Human activity is producing greenhouse gas emissions at a record high, with no signs of slowing down. According to a ten-year summary of UNEP Emission Gap reports, we are on track to maintain a “business as usual” trajectory. However we are far from powerless in the face of this global threat; as UN Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out recently, “the climate emergency is a race we are losing, but it is a race we can win”. Learn how different stakeholders are tackling this issue and how it is not “business as usual” for these organizations. 

Textile Talk

Moderator: Kai Chow, Creative Director, TOBE/The Doneger Group

The Doneger Group's Fall/Winter 2022 forecast addresses to complexities of today’s environment. Life is a whirlwind of emotional experiences – from contemplating our values and lifestyles, to challenging norms through self-expression. Join this exclusive, one-day-only presentation to identify global shifts and their influence on color, fabric and fashion for 2022.

LIVE at the Sourcing Showroom, One-Day-Only

Moderator: Kai Chow, Creative Director, TOBE/The Doneger Group

Join us in-person at the Sourcing Showroom for this exclusive walk around the floor with Kai Chow, immediately following the virtual presentation as we walk the floor with him to further explore global shifts and their influence on color, fabric and fashion for 2022.

Moderator: Andrea Kennedy, Founder of Fashiondex

Join Andrea Kennedy, Founder of Fashiondex for an interactive Q-&-A on sustainability, sourcing and local and domestic production from our Local Sourcing exhibitors. All your questions answered!

Thursday, July 22

Lenzing Seminar Series

Moderator: Ericka Garcia, US Marketing and Brand Manager, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.

Simeon Nachev, Value Chain Manager, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.
Buxton Midyette, VP of Marketing & Promotions, Supima
Cheryl Zukowski, Director of Marketing, Unifi
Renee Henze, Director, Global Marketing & Commercial Development, Dupont

Blockchain technology is the next step towards traceability and transparency in retail. For some companies, it is only the beginning but building out the foundation and adapting to consumer concerns is a necessity to deliver on your brand promise. Nevertheless, consumers can gain a new window into the apparel and home products they consume, allowing them to shop smarter and support those suppliers and brands that engage in practices they approve of. Take a deep dive with some of the most innovative fiber companies in the industry as we walk through case studies to learn more about getting started and the latest technologies used today.

Lenzing Seminar Series

Moderator: Sharon Perez, Business Development Manager - Activewear &  Footwear, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.

Diego Cuenca, Senior Sales Manager, Mercados
Davide Piazza, Commercial Director, Liztek
Jorge Colindres, Senior Director of Manufacturing, SanMar

Create a supply chain in Central America that effectively services your customers' needs and preferences. From obtaining raw materials to manufacturing and product distribution. Reevaluate your company's objectives of a regional supply chain and achieve quality materials within budget.

Moderator: Melissa Shea, CEO, Fashion Mingle

Join Texworld and Fashion Mingle for a tour of the show floor at the new hybrid event.  The tour will take you through the trend showcase and then focus on the sourcing aspect of the show.  You will be given advice on how to source and connect with the exhibitors in both the textile and apparel showrooms.  All your sourcing questions will be answered by industry experts.

Moderator: Christine Daal, CEO of Fashion Angel Warrior

Please join Christine Daal for 5 Do's & Don'ts to Starting a Fashion Biz. Throughout the many years of owning her own fashion business and helping clients with theirs, top fashion business coach Christine Daal has compiled the 5 key Do's & Don'ts when starting your own fashion business! In this seminar, she'll discuss whether writing a business plan is a "Do" or "Don’t”, knock-offs and what to do about them, the one thing you can change in order to get results, and more! Plus, she'll share an opportunity to get FREE 1 on 1 coaching!

Our comprehensive educational program is comprised of Texworld New York City Textile Talks, the exclusive Trend Presentation by The Doneger Group and the Lenzing Seminar Series.

The Doneger Group
Lenzing Innovation

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